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Friday, July 29, 2011


     There's always so much to see at Glass Artisans, right now you can come watch visiting artist Susan Hood work her magic. Susan is a glass bead maker from the mainland of Nova Scotia but is known not only locally but around the world. She has a wide variety of jewellery and something for everyone (even celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Izabella Miko). 
The photos below are of Susan making baby chick earrings.
Susan heating the yellow glass rod in the flame, once the glass is molten it is wrapped around the bead mandrel. 

Adding a ball of glass for the head.. ( the yellow glass is literally red hot but will turn yellow again as it cools down)

..Then two wings..

The little chick is getting eyes : )

& of course last but not least a beak!

     If you would like to see this in person you can visit our studio, Susan will be here until August 11th. Why not make a day trip of it and come and watch Curtis Dionne in our Glass Blowing studio as well. Our Address can be found on the right hand side of the blog.
   The following pictures are some Susan hood finished pieces. 
Unstrung Phantasea Shells for those DIYer's

Tide Pool

Floral Bouquet - SOLD

Phantasea Shell

These and many more fine pieces of jewellery are in our Gallery come and take a look!

Monday, June 20, 2011

All the Colours of the Rainbow!

     If your looking for colourful wineglasses, decanters, or mugs we have that and so much more. Pamela Kinsman is another artist that loves to work with glass and her hand painted designs are just what everyone looking to brighten up their tables and counters needs. These items are non toxic and washable, perfect for everyday use. 

Mixed colour sets look great together but we also have extra in stock for those who prefer to match.

3 oz. Espresso Mugs showcasing the variety of colours  (and this isn't even all of them!)

Wine & Champagne glasses. Triangle tea light in the middle.

Wine Glasses for those of you that like bright colours!

An example of the elegant colours available.
These are just a few pictures of many of Pamela's Hand painted items but we also carry vases, tealights, and oil lamps. Also worth noting is that any of these fine glasses is available in any color seen above. If you would like your own set but won't be in the area email us and we would be happy to ship to you,

Saturday, June 11, 2011


The Glass Blowing demonstrations have started for the summer season with Curtis Dionne running the show. The demonstrations are being held daily all throughout the summer so come and watch! Today Curtis made several large pieces of blown glass, the following series of photos were taken while he was making a large bowl. 
I came out to take pictures after the glass color had already been added and the piece was partly blown out.

Blowing out the bowl while shaping the glass with wet newspaper.

Curtis and Owen getting ready to transfer the glass from the blow pipe to the punti rod.

The punti rod allows the top of the glass piece to be opened up. 

Heating up the glass. [If the glass gets to cool at any time it could break and ruin the piece.]

That glass is hot!! Owen is blocking Curtis' arm with wooden paddles so the heat doesn't hit his skin.

The final heating. Making sure it's very hot so it's easier to manipulate.

Spinning the bowl to stretch out the bowl..

..then dropping it quickly to get waves along the edge of the bowl.

TA DA! The bowl is now finished and has gone into the kiln until tomorrow  morning.

If you would rather seeing this being done then look at pictures then come down to the North Shore! There's lots of other artist studios along the way and great food just across the road at The Clucking Hen Restaurant & Cafe so why not?
To be sure that there will be demonstrations going on when you arrive you can call ahead, our number is 1902-929-2585.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Robert Held

 Glass blower Robert Held has recently been added to the list of artists we carry! Our shelves are filled with his paperweights, perfume bottles, vases and limited edition Cherry Blossom series. The colours are beautiful and below are some photos that try to do justice to that statement. 

 Come visit the shop for yourself and see the work with your own eyes. We are now open from 9-7pm seven days a week, and it's worth noting that the drive down to the North Shore is a beautifully scenic one. For further information or questions feel free to call us anytime at 1902-929-2585.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The glass blowing has started! The studio is currently featuring Jon Sawyer and will continue to due so until the 22nd. Today Jon worked on making whale tails as seen in the photo below. The picture does no justice to the excitement the studio holds so come and see for yourself!

Shaping the molten glass with wet newspaper.

Getting some final adjustments to the shape.

Whale Tail is finished and ready to be put in the the kiln until tomorrow morning.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Studio Demonstration Dates

The on-site studio will be up and running soon with demonstrations almost daily, the following are the dates for the upcoming artists.

Glass Blowing demonstrations for the summer are as follows:
May 13th- 22nd Jon Sawyer
(With the Possibility of more throughout the summer.)
June 7th- Sept. 29th Curtis Dionne
Aug. 8th- Sept. 8th Matt Dyszkiewicz

Flame working demonstrations for the summer are as follows:
July 24th- Aug. 11th Susan Hood
Aug. 12th- 27th Jessie Tessolin

Grab a bite to at across the road and come sit at watch the artists at work.
For a closer look at the artists and their work feel free to visit our website.