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Monday, May 2, 2011

Studio Demonstration Dates

The on-site studio will be up and running soon with demonstrations almost daily, the following are the dates for the upcoming artists.

Glass Blowing demonstrations for the summer are as follows:
May 13th- 22nd Jon Sawyer
(With the Possibility of more throughout the summer.)
June 7th- Sept. 29th Curtis Dionne
Aug. 8th- Sept. 8th Matt Dyszkiewicz

Flame working demonstrations for the summer are as follows:
July 24th- Aug. 11th Susan Hood
Aug. 12th- 27th Jessie Tessolin

Grab a bite to at across the road and come sit at watch the artists at work.
For a closer look at the artists and their work feel free to visit our website.

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  1. Fantastic lineup of artists! Will be a great "show" to watch.