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Monday, June 20, 2011

All the Colours of the Rainbow!

     If your looking for colourful wineglasses, decanters, or mugs we have that and so much more. Pamela Kinsman is another artist that loves to work with glass and her hand painted designs are just what everyone looking to brighten up their tables and counters needs. These items are non toxic and washable, perfect for everyday use. 

Mixed colour sets look great together but we also have extra in stock for those who prefer to match.

3 oz. Espresso Mugs showcasing the variety of colours  (and this isn't even all of them!)

Wine & Champagne glasses. Triangle tea light in the middle.

Wine Glasses for those of you that like bright colours!

An example of the elegant colours available.
These are just a few pictures of many of Pamela's Hand painted items but we also carry vases, tealights, and oil lamps. Also worth noting is that any of these fine glasses is available in any color seen above. If you would like your own set but won't be in the area email us and we would be happy to ship to you,

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