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Friday, July 29, 2011


     There's always so much to see at Glass Artisans, right now you can come watch visiting artist Susan Hood work her magic. Susan is a glass bead maker from the mainland of Nova Scotia but is known not only locally but around the world. She has a wide variety of jewellery and something for everyone (even celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Izabella Miko). 
The photos below are of Susan making baby chick earrings.
Susan heating the yellow glass rod in the flame, once the glass is molten it is wrapped around the bead mandrel. 

Adding a ball of glass for the head.. ( the yellow glass is literally red hot but will turn yellow again as it cools down)

..Then two wings..

The little chick is getting eyes : )

& of course last but not least a beak!

     If you would like to see this in person you can visit our studio, Susan will be here until August 11th. Why not make a day trip of it and come and watch Curtis Dionne in our Glass Blowing studio as well. Our Address can be found on the right hand side of the blog.
   The following pictures are some Susan hood finished pieces. 
Unstrung Phantasea Shells for those DIYer's

Tide Pool

Floral Bouquet - SOLD

Phantasea Shell

These and many more fine pieces of jewellery are in our Gallery come and take a look!

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