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Saturday, June 11, 2011


The Glass Blowing demonstrations have started for the summer season with Curtis Dionne running the show. The demonstrations are being held daily all throughout the summer so come and watch! Today Curtis made several large pieces of blown glass, the following series of photos were taken while he was making a large bowl. 
I came out to take pictures after the glass color had already been added and the piece was partly blown out.

Blowing out the bowl while shaping the glass with wet newspaper.

Curtis and Owen getting ready to transfer the glass from the blow pipe to the punti rod.

The punti rod allows the top of the glass piece to be opened up. 

Heating up the glass. [If the glass gets to cool at any time it could break and ruin the piece.]

That glass is hot!! Owen is blocking Curtis' arm with wooden paddles so the heat doesn't hit his skin.

The final heating. Making sure it's very hot so it's easier to manipulate.

Spinning the bowl to stretch out the bowl..

..then dropping it quickly to get waves along the edge of the bowl.

TA DA! The bowl is now finished and has gone into the kiln until tomorrow  morning.

If you would rather seeing this being done then look at pictures then come down to the North Shore! There's lots of other artist studios along the way and great food just across the road at The Clucking Hen Restaurant & Cafe so why not?
To be sure that there will be demonstrations going on when you arrive you can call ahead, our number is 1902-929-2585.

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  1. Hi Wendy; Didn't know you'd started a blog. Well done! Love the pictures of glass blowing. Such wonderful colours. -- Susan Z